We have selected places for you around St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, where you can ride a bike, and then have a picnic with a magnificent view.


You can ride a bike, as in the Alexander (107 hectares) park, and in Babolovsky, Nizhny, Fermsky and Buffer parks. And also you can simply enjoy the picturesque views of the city of Pushkin, riding back and forth.


For special impressions you should go to the only in Russia rock-landscape park "Mon Repos" on the shore of the Vyborg Bay, Zashchitnaya Bay, in the northern part of the city of Vyborg. They say that it is here that one can still meet ancient fairy-tale creatures.


The center of Pavlovsky Park is the palace, but in addition to it you can take various pavilions as points of cycling routes or picnic areas. Getting around the park on foot in one day is not an easy thing as it has an area of 600 hectares. Only one way out - a bicycle.

Priozersky District

A great cycling trip can be a trip to the coast of the Vuoksa River or to the foot of the Great Rocks along hiking trails, passing by rapids and Karelian landscapes.

Kurortniy District

Towards the Gulf of Finland, there are high pines and sandy beaches. You can go on a journey from Zelenogorsk Park to St. Petersburg or even get further away in Sestroretsk. And you can just make a bike trip along the coastal strip.

Park "Alexandria"

Park "Alexandria" consists of two terraces: the lower, the coastal, adjacent to the Gulf of Finland, and the upper, on which there is a Cottage, the Farmers' Palace and the Chapel. There are lots of green arear everywhere, neatly trimmed lawns. Great place for long walks.

Life hack

To plan your own route, experienced cyclists advise using a shared bicycle map of St. Petersburg on Google Maps. Thanks to this map, one can not only calculate the length of the future route, but also look at the location of all cycle parkings, bicycle workshops, bicycle shops, emergency places. The colors on the map also indicate the routes: blue - smooth asphalt, green - dead asphalt, yellow - ground, red - cycle path.



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