Weekend Itineraries (2-4 days)

Weekend Itineraries (2-4 days)

Having rented a minivan for the weekend, we recommend that you travel through the cities of the Golden Ring (The most beautiful old cities of Central Russia) or go visiting the beautiful city of St.Petersbourg and surroundings (the new toll highway allows you to get there in just 6-7 hours)!

All cities of the Golden Ring have a very interesting history and offer to visitors both - beautiful nature and famous historical landmarks.

Bicycles also allow you to explore these cities in a special way - deeper and more diverse - visiting cities and countryside around!

You can visit the cities of the Golden Ring individually (1 trip = 1 city) or combine them into several interesting trips in different directions.

We offer to start with the most beautiful cities for cycling in our view - Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Ples!

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