Explore Russia by Van
with Friends & Family
and 4 bicycles on board

Go beyond your current experience! Discover our collection of most beautiful Car&Bike itineraries within 5 hours-drive from Moscow!

All our vans have 4 bicycles onboard and also equipped with fridge, table/chairs and various sports equipment! You will enjoy!

Visiting old Russian towns by bicycle will make your trip really unique!
All our friends just love it!
And we are always around to help you out if needed!

Our main values in your best trips!


    We have visited dozens of countries by car and bikes. Now we combine all our passion with all our experience in 1 car and happily share it with you!


    Picturesque landscapes, unique old cities and stunning villages on the way - all this remains unaffordable for an ordinary airplane-traveler. Deeply local architectural, gastronomic and social experiences at every new stage of your trip - this is a small part of what you would share with your friends and families upon arrival.


    You are the BOSS! You don't care about flight delays and heavy laggage anymore! You liked the place? Stay one day more! Bad weather on the beach? Move on to the next location! All this gives you the real freedom!    

Our Van


    For our trips we have chosen several Citroen Jumpy, which give you both - space and comfortable driving experience!


    All our vans are equipped with automatic gearboxes. Handling and size make it easy to drive for a person who is used to driving a smaller car.


    All our vans are insured all -risk and getting periodic technical diagnostics from official dealers.



    At the moment, we suggest the itineraries limited to the Central part of Russia, the South of Russia and the whole territory of Europe.


    This allows our Clients to rely on quality support in case of possible technical problems on the way (specialized services, high-quality gas stations, etc.).


    You can plan your own routes within the designated area or use our recommended Itineraries.

Prices and conditions

Renting period Price*
Short Week-end: (2 days) 19 000 rubles
Average Week-end: (3 days) 25 000 rubles
Long Week-end: (4 days) 30 000 rubles
From 1 week From 49 000 rubles

* Our prices include:

  • All-risks insurance
  • 4 bicycles on-board (or different combination on request - maximum 6 people + 2 bicycles)
  • Fridge, table/chairs and various sports equipment!

Renting conditions:

  • Age: from 28 yo
  • Driving experience: from 5 years
  • Documents: Passport, Driving License
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